Saturday, November 7, 2009

No Stylist Left Behind

I posted an article on about how it feels to be on the receiving end of a bad haircut even after you've been to great lengths to verbally and visually explain what you're going for.

After having this happen to me for the umpteenth time because most hairdressers can't wrap their minds around the concept of curly hair being longer when it's wet, I was graced with the only retribution one can receive after getting a "mom" haircut--- slight physical harm bestowed upon the offending stylist that occurred in a completely unrelated way.


Well, glory be--- the style experts over at ALLURE magazine online got a hold of my post and lightly chided my dark humor. Always quick with a tip, ALLURE solicited a real stylist for advice on how to avoid a bad haircut and well, I mean--- DUH. The tips were a bit basic and the only thing I can think is that this poor guy deals with the most vapid and rude clients, or he cuts hair for the elderly--"It is not the time to flip through a magazine, make calls on your cell, or slip into a catnap."


The ALLURE article got picked up and posted by Yahoo News and the comment boards are all a-titter with the warring factions of stylists and individuals wronged by stylists.

I LOVE reading comment boards because it is truly where the most acute spellers and writers can hash out their opinions in a public forum. It's like watching Springer.

Now I know that to some this could be viewed as empty-headed content representative of how the internet is sending society right down the tubes. Sure. I can agree that this topic is sort of fluffy.

BUT, what if I inspire just one person to get so angry about a bad haircut they have been victimized by that they stand up for themselves? What if they walk away from the salon that has been terrorizing their life, demand a refund, and hold the hairdresser accountable for their crime? What if this single act profoundly influences a person's esteem and they decide that there really is something to the saying, "Be the change you want to see in the world"?

This person then begins a campaign to better educate the beauty industry called "No Stylist Left Behind" and also teaches customers of hair salons to make informed choices. As a result the public expresses the desire for more transparency in the industry and before we know it, we are a country that not only has the right to Universal health care and education, but ALSO a phenomenal haircut that both flatters and frames our faces.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a 2 o'clock appointment for highlights and hair extensions at Fantastic Sam's where afterward I will be speaking in the lounge about how YOU can get involved in local salon politics.


Unapologetically Mundane said...

Have you ever had a dry cut, though? I went to one of those free Bumble & Bumble model hair castings, and the woman who saw me said she was worried the trainees would ruin my hair and wanted to cut it herself. I was pumped. Two hours later, I was still sitting in her salon chair as she cut each of my curls individually, wrapping them around her finger and letting them spring about as if she'd never seen curly hair before. I think it's as close as I've gotten to a fetishist, though I probably wouldn't wish a car-hit on her.

Brooke VP said...

i didn't WISH for a car to hit my hairdresser...that was just a funny plot twist...yes-- i have had a dry cut in Brooklyn. that was a year ago and it turned out pretty good. that's about it for good haircuts in the NYC area...i have had some pretty atrocious things happen to me.

Anonymous said...
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brooke van poppelen said...

oh. i probably removed a post because it was weirdo, " Miley Cyrus Nude" spam. All comments are welcome as long as you are not pedophile spam.

Anonymous said...

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